Hello there!
My name is Valeria, I am 27 years old and I am
constantly looking to lend my ideas and passion to
projects that will make me grow as a creative and
as a person.

I define myself as a shy outgoing person, which means that I love to connect with people and share my insights but that it takes me a while to fully be myself.
I'm exuberant, curious, passionate and full of hobbies. I love to have little knowledge in anything and I get excited, and a little nervous, when I get out of my comfort zone. I'm a learner all the way through and thrive in experimentation.

My main hobby is to collect hobbies. Some things that I love to do are hinted in the homepage image:

Gaming (mostly cozy games because shooting games make me sweat)
Reading (from fiction to webcomics, nothing gets spared)
Crafts (crochet, felting, needle punching, you name it)
Writing (short stories and hints of novels)
Yoga (even though I'm pretty bad at it)
Eating (desserts and snack are my drugs)

My skills are mostly on the graphic design area. I know the majority of Adobe softwares but I'm following different courses to get a grip in Figma and Blender. Still learning a lot!

Hard Skills
Illustrator / After Effects / Photoshop / Premiere / InDesign
​​​​​​​Soft Skills
Team player / Empathetic / Storyteller / Problem Solver / Critical Thinker

Some random things about me

✱ If I don't write stuff down, 1 out of 2 times it goes straight to being forgotten.
If I get up after a couple of hours you will hear my bones trying to play flamenco.
✱ I can be very useful out on sushi because as a vegetarian you will have all my one-plate-only dishes.
If I see a dog on the street I will either whimper strongly or go straight to pet it.
✱ My immune systems gives me a cold every month but I'm still here: I could be immortal.

And really, so much more.
want to know more?
You little rascal. I like you, detective.

Feel free to see some of my other work on my portofolio 
or lurk in the shadows of the internet visting my social media.